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In Game Appearance
Ammo Box
Item Information
Item Name: Ammo Box
Rarity: Common
Influences: Ammunition
Bundle Size: 1
Maximum Stack: 1
Weight: N/A

The Ammo Box is an item that can store Magazines. It is an incredibly powerful tool. In a basic regard, you can dump a portion of your equipped ammunition into it, increasing your movespeed and thus the ability to kite and move about the map faster. Each box stores a vast amount of extra ammunition.

An Ammo Box has no weight and can be transferred from one player to another. A player low on ammo can "eat" or equip all or most of an Ammo Boxes' magazines and give the box back. A Recon can make especially valuable use of Ammo Boxes. Armed with several Ammo Boxes a Mobility Recon (or a Surveillance Recon’s Reaper_Mk-13 Drone) can collect an enormous amount of ammunition without the burden of lower movespeed and while using minimal inventory space. These boxes can later be given to the team, the ammo used, and the cycle repeated. Any lighter class or class with limited inventory spots can make the best use of these.

A single Ammo Box is always found at the Scrapyard (Except in the Apollo Security Team Campaign) and at the Northwest Security Camera.
Stores 15 Magazines, a total of 45 equippable magazines of ammunition.