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Item Information
Item Name: Anti-Venom
Rarity: Uncommon
Influences: Ailments
Bundle Size: 5
Maximum Stack: 20
Weight: None

The Anti-Venom item is a syringe filled with a powerful Anti-Venom designed to counter the neurotoxins of lunar wildlife. These medical supplies are found scattered throughout Apollo, left behind in the civilians hasty evacuation. It is important to stockpile these for when they are needed most. Give them to the tanks, other any character with excess inventory space. Anti-Venom is most useful should a player become heavily envenomed by parasites.

Typing -nc and enabling Navy Cross mode at the begining of a Normal/Hardened/Vet or Nightmare game will not remove Anti-Venom from the map and players' inventory. Anti-Venom does not forfeit Navy Cross.

-Cures 1 venom ailment and restores 10 health.
-Max 20 per bundle.
-Picked up in groups of 5.
-Does not forfeit the Navy Cross Medal.
-Can not be used unless the player has a venom ailment

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