Unit Portrait
Apop P
Unit Model
Enemy Statistics
Boss Name: Apoptosis
Campaign: Apollo Security Team
Chapter: 2
Health: 10,000
Armor: 3
Damage: 35
Armor Reduction: 2
Attack Speed: 0.696
Range: 0.3
Movespeed: 2.1
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): apop
Trait 1: Flyer
Trait 2: Unselectable
Trait 3: Bloodbath
Trait 4: Mind Onslaught
Ability 1: Bloody Storm
Ability 2: Blood Lord's Familiars
Charge on NM: Yes


Apoptosis is a massive flying creature lured into battle by Blood, and lots of it. The huge vampiric Leviathan brings darkness wherever it goes. Its own power is also its greatest weakness. To battle the Blood Lord, you must in turn become Bloodied yourself. Only characters possessing Open Wounds can properly injure the monster. Those without Open Wounds can only deal minor damage to it. In Nightmare Mode, any attacks by marines without an Open Wound will heal the monster by 30% of the damage taken.


There are many ways to battle Apoptosis, but teams generally use one main strategy.

While holding highground, A Weapons Tech can inflict each player with an open wound using the Black Dog anti-personnel turret with HE-F rounds. Then, a Mod Tech can tank the Blood Lord, or the team can stun him with Mad Spark, Nanosteel Net, Force Push, etc. The team can then focus down Apoptosis with powerful weapons and skills, killing him rapidly. When the battle is done, the team will need to heal with the help of a Medic or bandages.

If a Black Dog anti-personnel turret is unavailable, players can try to earn open wounds before hand by intentionally get hit by Agrons while wearing Reactive Armor. An easier way is to wait until Apoptosis arives and walk into his Bloody Storm.

Another strategy is to Kite Apoptosis. This is generally done when only a few players remain alive. After receiving initial open wounds, kite Apoptosis around avoiding contact while slowly whittling down his health.

Traits and AbilitiesEdit


Apoptosis can fly, and will pass over terrain obstructions and other obstacles. Because of this there is almost no good location to fight him. Best to simply choose an area with plenty of open ground.


Apoptosis cannot be selected to get a better look of his statistics. However, he is ONLY unselectable, as player can still issue their marine with orders to directly weapon attack it or use an offensive skill to damage it.


Apoptosis can only by harmed by the characters with Open Wounds. Fortunately Apoptosis' attacks have an incredibly high chance of inflicting the ailment. The high concentration of Agrons during the battle makes for a secondary source of bleeding.

Mind OnslaughtEdit

Apoptosis will affect the very minds of the marines, turning the screen a bright red color.

Bloody StormEdit

Apoptosis will cast multiple open wounds to any characters that are directly under it. This is often seen as the "Random Red Explosions" that occur under it. Any Biological character under Apoptosis can be stricken with these open wounds. This includes Mind Controlled enemies, and surviving Marines.

Blood Lord's FamiliarsEdit

The Blood Lord, Apoptosis will drop huggers to help him seek out and snare his prey. This will happen after the battle has commenced for a fair length of time, and killing him quickly is the only surefire way to prevent the creatures from appearing.

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