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In Game Appearance
Item Information
Item Name: AP Ammo
Rarity: Uncommon
Influences: Damage
Bundle Size: 1
Maximum Stack: 3 (1 for armor debuff)
Weight: 3

Armor Piercing Ammunition, commonly known as AP Ammo, or simply as AP, is a Marine Modification that increases weapon damage by 7% and adds a -1 armor debuff to enemies hit by said weapon. It is best used by high splash weapons, as the armor debuff helps all players firing at the target. However, ironically enough, some of the highest splash weapons are the XM814 Heavy Machine Gun, Flamethrower MK-3 and Crowbar, all of which are unaffected by enemy armor. However, it is extremely beneficial when used with the MP9A2 Sub-Machine Gun, as it has both High Splash damage, and the unfortunate problem of losing 2 damage per enemy armor. Besides the above, AP ammo is best given to high dps classes, as it also effects damaging skills.

The -1 armor debuff does not stack.
Shooting the same enemy with 2 different AP-equipped weapons will receive only -1 armor debuff. Alternatively, shooting an enemy with a weapon equipped with 2 APs will produce the same effect.