UGC Satellite Photo - Armory

UGC Satellite Photo - Armory

The Armory is located in the north east of the Apollo Colony. This is the central weapons depot for the UGC Marine Corp forces and Apollo Security personnel stationed on Apollo. This location houses the central computer system overseeing the primary defense network. From here, the Marines can access the Turret Defense System, and re-activate them. This can only be done with technical specialists: Forward Observers, Demolitions, Engineers and Technicians. The turrets defend the most key systems of Apollo: The Armory itself, the Military Base and Starport, the Fort located nearby, the Ventilation Shaft for the environmental systems, the Fusion Reactor Room, the Civilian Emergency Shelter and the main Research Lab. The Armory is surrounded by heavily fortified walls, and protected by 2 turrets in the main entrance.

Easy CompanyEdit

Easy Company arrives to the southeast of Apollo, and must slowly work the Armory in order to reactivate the turrets. Once active, they will assist the Marines against wandering enemies and any large horde that assaults them. Generally they are activated in preparation for the large waves that appear after Erebos 1 death or after the destruction of the Nydus Worms. The fort serves as the best hold out, with 4 turrets within, placed on high ground. The Armory itself can be a fairly defensible position, with only one approach.

Alpha CompanyEdit

A portion of Lt. Sheng's men, including his two corpsmen are garrisoned here. Alpha Company rushes to regroup with them as soon as they can. Together, the combined might of the Security Team Remnants and Alpha Company battle against several massive waves of enemies and the boss known as Demeter. Outside of the early game engagements, the Armory is largely abandoned after activating it's Sentry Guns.

Apollo Security TeamEdit

The Armory serves its most pivotal role for the Apollo Security Team Campaign. After the two teams regroup, they raid the armory for ammunition and weapons to replace their limited supplies. It also makes an excellent position to stand again Deimos and his hordes. The armory may later appear as one of the locations Dr. Bergmann attempts to hide.

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