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In Game Appearance
Item Information
Item Name: Bandage
Rarity: Uncommon
Influences: Health & Ailments
Bundle Size: 2
Maximum Stack: 4
Weight: None

One of the mainstays of modern field medicine, the humble bandage has changed little in the last 100 years. This adhesive medical gauze wraps tightly to the injured areas. It can be self administered,or used on an ally. To do so, make sure you have bandages in your inventory. The hotkey X then X will allow you to click an ally and heal him. This can be useful in quickly patching up an ally without having to drop items or to administer lifesaving, last second aid to a dying comrade.

Bandages can always be found at the Starport, egg patch south Airlock gate, Scrap Yard, and next to the east and west Security Cameras.

Typing -nc and enabling Navy Cross mode at the begining of a Normal/Hardened/Vet or Nightmare game will remove all Bandages from the map and players' inventory.

-Instantly heals 50 health
-Mends 1 Open Wound
-Max of 4 per bundle
-Comes in packets of 2
-Allows for the Marine Action Fibrin Bandage

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