Unit Portrait
Brainbug P
Unit Model
Brain Bug
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Brain Bug
Maximum Health: Unknown
Minimum Health: 1250
Armor: 2
Damage: 25
Armor Reduction: 1
Attack Speed: 0.7
Range: Melee
Detection Radius:  ?
Movespeed: 1
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): bb, brain
Rarity: Very Uncommon
Unique Trait: Detector
Ability: Rampage
Charge on NM: Yes
Survival Difference: None

A brain bug is a controller infested creature mutated to serve the role as an intermediate between the infested grunts and the higher commanders (their jobs are much like overlords in SCII). As such, they resemble brains on legs, and are believed to be mutated out of the baneling family due to the similar anatomies. They are much more intelligent than the banelings and other assorted grunt infested. Brain Bugs are capable of moving very fast despite their short legs, and it is believed that they employ some sort of degree of psionic power to control the hordes

Brain bugs are capable controllers at a distance, and the marines rarely meet them in lower squad rating games. When in combat, brain bugs are capable fighters, absorbing large amounts of gunfire with their mass while causing any nearby infested to attack without regard to their safety, overriding their survival instincts for the good of the horde. Note that despite the psionic powers, brain bugs are not classified as psionic creatures, and do not take aditional damage from weapons such as the M5 Pulse Rifle.

Brain Bugs will sometimes spawn from Meteor after they explode.


A Brain Bug can assume a greater amount of control over nearby infested creatures, causing them to attack and move much more quickly. However, as the brain bug is limited in psionic ability. The creature's attacks are also much more clumsy, causing them to deal less damage. The creature also attacks without regard to personal safety, reducing armor. The effect is that rampage gives +100% attack speed and +50% movespeed, but also reduces damage dealt by 30%, and armour by 90%.


A Brain Bug is capable of sensing the nearby presence of alien creatures (such as marines), even if they are hidden from sight. This effectively gives them detection, making Brain Bugs extremely dangerous to anyone relying on cloak for protection (such as mobility recon).

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