Introduction to Blueberry

Blueberry is a digital games company founded in Singapore by Daren Yoong and Tan Yik Boon. Blueberry’s key channels are mobile apps and pc mods.


A team of 3 Malaysians originally began planning for the development of a StarCraft 2 mod in anticipation of the Mod Marketplace launch during the announcement of StarCraft 2. We decided to build a cooperative mod as the market would already have its fair share of DOTA-style mod and there wasn’t any definitive cooperative mod around. We decided on Night of the Dead (NOTD) for its simple and visceral style that connected with most StarCraft 2 players.

Over the next 18 months, the team worked tireless on NOTD – investing nearly 2500+ hours to date – and brought the game to the Top 20 across most servers we were published on. NOTD has gained a following of up to 500,000 players during StarCraft 2’s peak and received positive recognition from PC Gamer, Blizzard, the Malaysian press and also the international community.

While NOTD continues to grow, the team decided to form a formal company to realize our goal of creating a lasting institution and aspiring to be the Pixar of digital games. Blueberry Entertainment Pte Ltd was founded on 15 Jul 2011. We have started to move into iPhone games because that format is the future of digital gaming (mobile games now have more players and revenue than the traditional PC/console formats). It will prove to be a steep learning curve as we build our expertise from the ground up.

Who Do We Want to Be?

The Pixar of digital games

How Will We Do It?

Develop polished games for the mainstream market. A simple idea, yet hard to execute. We will focus on the fundamentals of good games and put a big focus on community feedback.

Product Pipeline

  • NOTD – Our flagship product and it will be released in the Mod Marketplace in Summer 2012
  • Night Runner – Our 1st iPhone app targeted at casual gamers
  • Match It – Our 2nd iPhone app for young kids that may have an educational element
  • Archmage – Our planned flagship iPhone app for players who love RPGs
  • Riot Wars – A new app to capture on recent popular sentiments around the world
  • Pandora’s Box – An indie style app that’s a puzzle game with a classic detective-noir look

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