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Unit Model
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Cocoon
Health: Unknown
Armor: Unknown
Damage: 25
Attack Speed: 1
Range: Melee
Movespeed: Unknown
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): Cocoon
Trait 1: Spawned by Demeter
Trait 2: Detector
Trait 3: Low Flier

Cocoons are small green flying creatures. They are only encountered in battle with Demeter. In the Alpha Company Campaign, Demeter will spawn about five Cocoons when she dies on higher difficulties. At this point, they should be easily dispatched. Any unit that is cocooned will be unable to move, use skills, or manipulate their inventory. It is possible for a marine to become cocooned by multiple Cocoons. Sonic Traps can be used to bounce Cocoons off.

Cocoons are also encountered on round 38 of Survival. They are far more dangerous here. Swarms of Cocoons will attack when the team will be fighting Nazara and Demeter.

Cocoons are extremely fast and only a few classes with special abilities can outrun them.


Spawned by Demeter

Cocoons are special enemies created by Demeter to help her trap and kill her pray.


Cocoons are capable of hunting down, immobilizing, and killing even the most cunning of prey. They can detect invisible units like a cloaked Mobility Recon and Subtlety Marksmen.

Low Flier

Cocoons are flying units, but like Perses, they can still be hit by ground only weapons like the Flamethrower Mk-3.

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