The Standard issue melee weapon of all UGC Military personnel, this weapon is incredibly niche. Its main roles include killing a lone zombie during a reload, complementing another melee weapon, or simple desperation. It will damage all units, but its slowing effect only works against Non-Heroic units. The knife will hit burrowed Infestors and can be used to track them and hunt them down by following the tell tale blood splatters.

The Combat Knife deals 15 damage, regardless of armor, with an additional 0.5 damage added per rank.
Note: this is profile rank, ie Captain, Private, ect, not in game level such as level 1 or 2.
The Combat Knife has an attack speed of 0.5
The Combat Knife hits all enemies within 1.5 range in a 180 degree arc.
The Combat Knife slows affected targets by 70% for two seconds, does not stack.
The Combat Knife also has a 5% chance to get a critical per experience level.
The Combat Knife is found under the Command Card and is hot-keyed to the D button.
The Combat Knife uses no energy, ammunition, and 180 degree splash, and has a very short cooldown.
The Combat Knife can hit units that are above or below you.
The Combat Knife is affected by Ammo Mods.
The Combat Knife affects certain skills (i.e. Blackout)
The Combat Knife deals damage to air units.