The Communications Tower Mission is a side-quest that activates during chapter 1 in the Easy Company Campaign and the Alpha Company Campaign. The marines will receive a message that the Communications Tower has begun sending out transmissions and a yellow indicator will be placed on the minimap. The marines will only be able to start the mission once this message has ocurred.

Once they arrive, all the marines have to do is stand on the hexagon while the transmission log downloads. The marines will be attacked by hordes of Ghouls, and at roughly the 3/4 mark, a group of Agrons. The Agrons can be particularly tricky, as they frequently unburrow next to the hexagon and in close proximity to the players. The Agrons aren't stopped by sonic traps and can potentially pin players in. For this reason its best for the strongest characters to sit on the hex, with the weaker ones standing further out ready to shoot inward. If the players are forced to move off the hex during the mission, the progress bar will rapidly depelete and return towards zero untill stepped upon again.

The mission will be failed if not completed within 4 minutes of starting it, resulting in a loss of 3 Rating for all players.

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