Credits are a valuable form of currency used to buy anything from additional weapons and gear, to aesthetic upgrades, to weapon modifications. Credits are primarily a long term reward for veteran players, who have unlocked many of NOTD's other rewards. Because of this, permanent changes are very expensive, to keep them very limited in number. Credits are found mostly by acquiring Helium-3 Canisters. As rank increases, the number of credits earned per H-3 Canister increases. If you die but keep your Pet alive, you will get 75% of the credits allocated in that game. If you die and don't have a Pet or your Pet dies too, you will gain 50% of the credits earned in that game.

- 1 H3-canister is worth 40 credits
- Maximum you can have at any given time is 10,000

Credits Per Canister by Rank

The amount of credits you get from one canister depends on your rank/XP and a multiplier connected to that. Multipliers are as followed:

0-5k XP *1
5k-10k XP *1.1
10k-40k XP *1.4
40k-80k XP *1.7
80k-120k XP *2
120k+ XP *2.3

The formula is this: (40 credits / amount of players) * your rankmultiplier = your credits

This formula applies to all credits you can earn.


As of currently, a maximum credits per game is set at 500. If a player earns more than 500 credits, he will only receive 500 of them next game, the rest are forfeit.

Credits for winning

Easy Mode - 20
Normal Mode - 30
Normal Mode (SR > 1700) - 40
Normal Mode (SR > 1800) - 50
Nightmare - 50
Medal of Honor Earned- 200

Helium-3 Canister spawns

Easy Company

Chapter 1: None
Chapter 2: 1 on Normal/Nightmare
Chapter 3: 1 on Normal/Nightmare

Alpha Company

Chapter 1: 1 on Nightmare only
Chapter 2: 3 on Normal / 2 on Nightmare
Chapter 3: Ivax drops one after death

Apollo Security Team

Chapter 1: 1 on Normal / 2 on Nightmare
Chapter 2: 3 on Normal / 2 on Nightmare
Chapter 3: None

Survival Mode

- 4 before Wave 1
- 4 before Wave 21

Seth drops one after death on Normal/Nightmare across all storylines.

Credits for Bosses

Easy Company

Menoetes: 40 on Nightmare
Erebos 2: 40 on Nightmare
Queen: 40 on Nightmare

Alpha Company

Cronus: 40 on Normal/Nightmare
Cerberus: 40 on Nightmare
Ivax: 40 on Nightmare
Perses: 40 on Normal / 60 on Nightmare

Apollo Security Team

Deimos: 40 on Nightmare
Nazara: 40 on Normal/Nightmare
HAL-Shutdown: 20 on Normal/Nightmare
Apoptosis: 40 on Normal / 60 on Nightmare
Finish A: 80 on Normal/Nightmare
Hades: 200 on Normal / 400 on Nightmare
Finish B: 80 on Normal/Nightmare

Survival Mode

Surviving the named wave grants you the credits; no difference in credits between Normal and Nightmare

  • Wave 5: 40
  • Wave 10: 40
  • Wave 15: 60
  • Wave 20: 80
  • Wave 25: 80
  • Wave 30: 80
  • Wave 35: 120
  • Wave 40: 200

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