Unit Portrait
Stryker P
Unit Model
Ally Statistics
Unit Name: D-12 Stryker
Health: 500
Shields: 75
Armor: 10
Energy: 0
Damage: 45 (Air and Ground)
Attack Speed: 1.2 (Ground) 1.5 (Air)
Range: 12 (Ground) 6 (Air)
Move Speed: 2.6
Type Classification
Biological: No
Light: No
Armored: Yes
Massive: No
Mechanical: Yes

The work horse of armored UGC forces, the Stryker is an all purpose tactical assault walker designed for taking out light armored and infantry targets as well as low altitude airborne threats. Operated by a single pilot in the chest mounted cockpit, he sports a 180 view of the battlefield view with his ballistics glass shielded cockpit alone.

The Stryker's legging armature can move at speeds of upwards of 35mph, and over any and all terrain. Capable of climbing stairs, and even jumping to a small degree. The Walker supports to twin 50 caliber Gatling guns suppressive fire, as well as a guided missile array affixed to the shoulders for defeating airborne threats.

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