With her prized Juggernaut Nazara destroyed, and her identity revealed, HAL attempts to kill the Security Team by hacking into Apollo's Orbital Defense Lasers and cooking the marines from orbit. Designed to blast incoming debris and meteors that would threaten Apollo, HAL redirects the satellites to chase after the marines. Several will appear from random directions, and they will fry anything, friend or foe.

After a brief argument with HAL, the marines will decide to shut her down, Permanently. The will have to proceed to the Computer Mainframe displayed on the Mini-Map. One is located at Mine Site Epsilon, the other north of the Airlock. HAL will furiously try to remove the marines and hamper their progress. Once they finally complete their task, HAL will be shut down, for now.


The ENTIRE team will need to head to the location pinged on the mini map, which could be either the terminal at the mining facility or the terminal on the north of the airlock. If not all the team are present, the mission won't even start. This is to discourage "cheap kiting" and to promote team cohesion. Also note, this mission could only be started when HAL and the marines are have finished trading words, teams may arrive early in the mining base and find that the mission is not started yet while the laser is quickly gaining on them, making it very hard to hold a hex due to the lasers being in proximity when the mission do start.

Once the mission has started the team need to man at most 3 hexes to fill a counter with 100 points.

The value for each hexes manned are :

  • No hex manned: -3 points /tick
  • 1 hex manned: -1 point /tick
  • 2 hexes manned: +1 point /tick
  • All hexes manned: +3 points /tick

HAL will also prioritize her lasers on the persons manning the hexes, making it necessary to rotate between manning a hex and kiting the lasers away from the rest of the hexers.

Once the needed 100 points are accumulated, HAL would appear to be deleted from the system and the lasers will stop, marking the end of Chapter 1.

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