Colony Ship

Delta-1 sits ready for launch.

Delta-1 is a civilian transport vessel located on the western side of the Airlock. It was the only functional transport ship that remained after the initial evacuation of Apollo.

Delta-1 is the destination point for civilians from the Apollo Security Team Campaign and the Nagakawa Bay Civilian Rescue and Delta-2 Transport Vessel Civilian Rescue from the Alpha Company Campaign.

Unfortunately, Delta-1 came under attack between the events of Alpha Company Campaign and Easy Company Campaign. Delta-1 took catastrophic damage and was unable to evacuate Apollo. In the events of the Easy Company Campaign, the remaining Delta-1 civilians can be escorted to the Colonist Transport during the Civilian Escort Mission.

If enough civilians are rescued, the Colonist Transport can be escorted to the Containment Facility during the Colonist Transport Escort Mission to regroup with the civilians rescued from Apollo for a land based evacuation.

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