The Delta-2 Transport Vessel Civilian Rescue is a small side mission only available in the Alpha Company Campaign. It is triggered at the Delta-2 Transport Vessel which is the downed ship east of the Communications Tower. When players step on the 2 Hexes, a small group of Civilians will emerge from the ship under the player's control, 3 for each hex. However, a number of Slashers will also emerge nearby. Players must quickly deal with these before they can slice the players or the civilians.

Civilians can be sent to the Delta-1 Transport Vessel in the Airlock and are counted towards the total civilians rescued. The civilians can be activated any time, but they can only be rescued and enter Delta-1 during the Nagakawa Bay Civilian Rescue.

The Delta-2 mission can also be activated during Survival Mode, but the civilians can never be rescued.

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