Unit Portrait
Demeter P
Unit Model
Enemy Statistics
Boss Name: Demeter
Campaign: Alpha Company
Chapter: 1
Base Health: 18,000
Armor: 3
Damage: 25 (x2 Attacks)
35 vs Light
Attack Speed: 1.5
Range: 5
Movespeed: 1.7
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): Deme
Trait 1: All Seeing Eyes
Trait 2: Frenzied
Trait 3: Spawn Cocoons
Trait 4: Spawn Slithers
Ability 1: Eye Stare
Ability 2: Mind Grasp
Ability 3: Cliff Walk
Charge on NM: Yes


Demeter is a massive arch-Infestor, possibly the progenitor to all other Infestors. She may also have been genetically altered further by Dr. Bergmann. Demeter is massive, almost as large as Tartarus, with Dark Green skin and two large tentacles protruding from her back.


After Charlie is found, she will emit a loud feral roar. This will cause a pack of Agrons to appear around her and signal Demeter's arrival. Lt. Sheng and his team will go investigate a distress beacon at the central square tower and leave you. Demeter will appear somewhere on the map and slowly move towards the team. Demeter cannot be damaged before it enters 18 range from marines. In other words, she is immune to skills like Artillery until she is within 18 range. As Demeter approaches, unleash withering firepower, slowing skills and stuns. Once active, she will alternate using her Eye Stare and Mind Grasp. She will also lash out with her tentacles, which can target players independently. Stay visible to Demeter during Mind Grasp and out of view during Eye Stare.


All Seeing EyesEdit

Demeter sees all. Skills can not blind her.


On higher difficulties, Demeter is permanently frenzied making her much faster than normal.

Spawn CocoonsEdit

On higher difficulties, Demeter will spawn a swarm of Cocoons when she dies. They will latch onto characters and drain their health. Cocoons inflict damage at a rate of 25 health per second. The Cocoons can be bounced off by Sonic Traps and are affected by stuns.

Spawn SlithersEdit

Whenever Demeter uses Eye Stare or Mind Grasp, she will spawn Slithers. These enemies are a more resilient version of Parasites but have a high attack priority to draw fire.


The following two abilities will only start when Demeter engages in combat. She cycles these two abilities so players should be prepared for the next ability. In non-Nightmare games, she is immobile for 4 seconds when using these abilities.

Eye StareEdit

Once Demeter has been attacked with a conventional weapon, Demeter will use the Eye Stare ability. Before this happens, a text will display that reads "Demeter stares with its eyes..." This will stun all her enemies in his sight for 6 seconds. This only affects foes that Demeter can physically see. To avoid its effects, keep out of vision.

Mind GraspEdit

After Eye Stare, Demeter will use the Mind Grasp ability. Before this happens, a text will display that reads "Demeter grasps into the darkness with its mind..." She can feel the minds of her enemies. She will use this ability to temporarily paralyze enemies that are not visible.

Cliff WalkEdit

Demeter is able to climb up cliffs which negates any terrain advantages the team might hold.

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