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Should your team choose to kill Dr. Tanaka, he is executed immediately, for his crimes against humanity. Alpha Company decides the best course of action is to the destroy the Compliance Nexus Towers scattered about Apollo in an attempt to stop the spread of the infection.

This mission is easier than releasing the Bio-Toxins, but much longer, and results in much more ammo consumption. But, on the plus side, it offers a time to re-scout the map for new gear that may have been airdropped sometime between Demeter and Cerberus.

To complete the mission, the team simply needs to proceed about the map and destroy the Nexus Towers. Depending on the Difficulty, destroying more, if not all, the towers is necessary. They will spawn in set locations around the map, but there are enough locations that all will not be filled. Use a combination good memory and judgement to root out and find all the Nexus. Before the last Tower falls, decide as a group where to regroup for the battle with Ivax.

Below is a map showing locations of the Compliance Nexus towers.


Fairly accurate map of Compliance Nexus locations.

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