Unit Model
Ally Statistics
Unit Name: Devastator
Health: 2000
Shields: 0
Armor: 5
Energy: 75
Damage: Gauss Cannons (Ground)
70 (x2 Attacks)
Javlin Missiles (Air)
21, 42 vs Light (x4 Attacks)
Attack Speed: Gauss Cannons 1.45
Javlin Missiles 1.4
Range: 11
Move Speed: 2.2
Type Classification
Light: No
Armored: Yes
Massive: Yes
Mechanical: Yes


Originally designed as heavy duty mining and construction vehicles, the Devastator-Class Heavy Combat Walker is a re-purposed version of this scrapped design. It boasts twin “Thor’s Hammer” Gauss Cannons that obliterate whatever comes within its potent reach. For countering aerial threats, it sports state of the art Javelin STA Missile batteries mounted on its back. Fully autonomous, and guided by highly intelligent combat AI, the Walkers are designed to push hard into fortified locations, where sending other, manned vehicles would be considered suicide.

These powerful behemoths are found at the Apollo assembly facility inside the Airlock. It is also rumored there is a top secret UGC Weapons project, a class of Walker far larger and stronger than the Devastator, guided by fully sentient AI.


Outside of the Apollo Security Team Campaign, Devastators are mainly for show. Should the Apollo Security Team choose Route B, up to three players can each activate one Devastator each. One Devastator can be activate at a hex on the left side of the Airlock, and two Devastators can be activated at hexes on the right side of the Airlock.

The Devastators’ massive firepower will be needed to battle Athena and her enormous hordes. Likewise, their devastating range, firepower, armor, and health will serve the team well during the long battle against Hades. Each player will earn a bonus 5 experience for each Devastator that survives to the end of the campaign.


Several enemy Devastators will be encountered in Survival round 37, Rise of the Machines. They are extremely dangerous and are a high priority target. Deny them vision at all cost. Devastators bypass all armors including Kinetic Armor. It is also possible to encounter cloaked Devastators in addition to other cloaked machines during this round. Devastators are inactive for 3 seconds upon spawning.


250mm Strike CannonsEdit

Stuns target unit. Deals 1500 damage over 6 seconds. 20 Energy

Targeting ComputerEdit

+20% attack Speed for 10 seconds. 10 Energy, 10 Second Cooldown

Shell ModeEdit

Unit Gains +10 Armor and Health regeneration. 80% reduced attack speed. 5 Energy

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