Planet Statistics
Planet Name: Terra
Common Name: Earth
Planet Type: Homeworld
Population: Ten Billion
Terrain: Forests, Oceans, Cities

Earth is humanity's Homeworld, the center of human government, population, and trade. Its landscape has dramatically changed from the Earth we know. Much of the ice caps have melted, radically changing the face of coastlines, and effectively rewriting the map as we know it. For now, Earth is relatively stable. It boasts massive cities, some containing tens of millions of humans. It's industries produce more than 90% of the products used by humanity, and its vast fields of agricultural land feed humanities appetite. But, all this came at great cost. Earth is a polluted shell of its former glory. The Age of Helium-3 may have triggered a new Golden Age for humanity, but at the end of one of the greatest ecological challenges the planet's ecosystem has faced. Millions of species of animals have gone extinct as a result of the rapid climate and geographical shifts of the past hundred years. Many species exist only in zoos and gene banks now. Earth's oceans are in many places too polluted to support life, and much of the planet's surface is covered in either massive city-spires, or great factories and refineries. Air pollution is at record levels, and the skies have taken on a brown tint above every major center of human activity. Almost all rain is now acidic, and most crops are grown in massive hydroponic greenhouses to keep yields high and food edible. Humans have truly reshaped the planet to mirror their goals of technological advancement and self preservation, much of it orchestrated by the hands of the UGC.

The UGC is the sole government on Earth currently. Under its jurisdiction the world is now divided into 7 sectors. Earth-Central the first Sector created out of former USA,Canada as well as Mexico. this is where the Ouranos Council resides as well as the Seante of Atlas. Earth-Central is where the world capital metropolis Gaia is located. Than followed by Euro-Central formed from former France, Germany, and other European countries its main capital is Vatican City. Britannica is arguably the smallest sector comprising of the former United Kingdom it makes up for it's small size with it's finiacal power as this is where the Union Bank of Earth resides. Eurasia-Federation is former Russia, Ukraine, Siberia, etc. harsh winters plague this Sector it's capital metropolis is St. Peters-burg. Asia-Federation is the UGC's main industrial juggernaut with exotic resources from all over it's region especially the islands. This is the largest Sector by land mass but much of its is islands. This sectors was created from former China, Mongolia, Tibet, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, Malaya, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea,and Japan. United Africa (former Africa, Madagascar, India, Middle Eastern countries, Israel etc.) and lastly, Central Americana (former South America).

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