The article contains Removed Content!
This article's existance is about something which has been completely removed over the course of development.

Edits to this article should only be spelling and grammar corrections.

Difficulty Information
Official Name: Easy Difficulty
Activation: Text Command -em or -easy
Campaign(s): Easy Company Only
Fog of War: Shared vision with allies
Team Locator: Full Effect
Mineshaft: Mineshaft Events Only
Victory Bonus: 10 Exp, and Rating & Karma
Speed Bonus: 10 Exp, and Rating & Karma
CP Decay: {{{Decay}}}

  • Activated by typing -em in the first 5 minutes
  • Reduces infested health and spawn rate
  • Players gain shared vision
  • Certain missions will not grant Mission Bonuses
  • Victory Bonus grants 10xp, rating and karma
  • Speed Bonus grants 10xp, rating and karma
  • Medal tracking is disabled

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