Character Portrait
Charlie P
Character Model
In Game Information
Health: 2000
Armor: 3
Move Speed: Unknown
Weapon: Unarmed
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Gender: Female
Hair Color: None
Affiliation: Infested
Occupation: Genetic Experiment
Relations & Family: Demeter, Infestors

Ekvolbollishazarijajombashef, or more commonly known as "Charlie" is a Mysterious Infestor that is allied with the Marines to help save Apollo. She is visible in Easy Company in the military base, but has no active role in the storyline.

Charlie grants the same amount of exp as a usual infestor, 150 exp and 100 exp to the entire team.

However, killing her in veteran/hardened/normal will result in some marines being called down. These marines will then proceed to attack the killer. In Alpha Company Charlie has been found and captured by the Security Team Survivors, as they believe the Infestors are whats spreading the infection. Charlie is being chained up at the Military Base and escapes during the Find Charlie Mission after being some enraged by the presence of Demeter. In the first campaign lorewise, the Apollo Security Team Charlie reveals her true identity as Ekvolbollishazarijajombashef when attacked by the players. She then bestows upon them a large amount of in game experience.

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