Characters classes in Night of the Dead each have a set number of slots for additional equipment. Inventory sizes and Equipment slots is listed in the on a character class' page. Each character gets one slot for armor. Characters get between 2 and 3 slots for Ammo and Marine Modifications. Certain weapons and characters benefit more from various mods than others.

For example: Flamethrowers and Laser Rifles benefit most from HE Ammo, as it buffs every attack with their weapon, because they are listed as fire/explosive.
By comparison, a Marksman would benefit little from HE ammo, as he will often be using a M45 Marksman Rifle, which does not have Splash Damage, and does not deal fire/explosive damage. This squanders the ammo modifications full potential for empowering high splash weapons.

It is best to maximize the efficiency of your characters. Feel free to share mods with an ally that can use it best. Give HP ammo to the Highest DPS characters, such as the Commando or Marksman. Give HE ammo to the characters using weapons with Splash Damage, such as the aforementioned Flamethrowers. Give Combat Mobility Augments to Recons, the slower characters, or the player willing to rescue the civilians.

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