Unit Portrait
Erebus P
Unit Model
Enemy Statistics
Boss Name: Erebos
Campaign: Easy Company
Chapter: 1
Base Health: 6000
Armor: 12
Damage: 50
Armor Reduction: 0
Attack Speed: 1.2
Range: 4.2
Movespeed: 1.8
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): ere 2
Trait 1: Advanced Mutation
Trait 2: Frenzied
Ability 1: Global Blindness
Ability 2: Regenerative Shell
Ability 3: Energy Vortex


Although physically similar to the first Erebos in appearance, Form Two is much stronger than before. His biggest difference is that he has lost his ability to call down Meteors and instead has gained the new abilities of Energy Vortex and Regenerative Shell.


Recruit DifficultyEdit

On Recruit Mode, Erebos will not possess his blinding ability. He will still have his Regenerative Shell and Energy Vortex. Unfortunately, it has proven exceedingly difficult to illustrate to new players that shooting Erebos when he has his Regenerative Shell heal him. Hopefully players will remember to use Flamethrower MK-3s, M5 Pulse Rifles and M45 Marksman Rifles. It is also possible to get lucky with an AER138 Laser Rifle drop. With Erebos's increased range, the Flamethrower MK-3 is very risky without a competent tank. With a bit of luck, the monster should fall with minimum collateral damage.

Normal/Hardened/Vet and Nightmare DifficultiesEdit

On harder difficulties, Erebos returns with a vengeance. He will have much higher health and new abilities. His Regenerative Shell in particular will increase healing efficiency with higher difficulty.


Advanced MutationEdit

Erebos will return with increased health during his second battle. On Normal/Hardened/Veteran and Nightmare modes, Erebos will no longer lose health over time like he does on recruit, but will instead gain health when not engaged.


On higher difficulties, Erebos is permanently frenzied, making him much faster than normal. He will also lose much of his armor because of this.


Global BlindnessEdit

Erebos retains this ability in form two. He will blind all players for a short duration. Road Flares or an Engineer's Field Nexus can keep the team illuminated. He will use this ability upon engaging the players.

Regenerative ShellEdit

Ocasionally, Erebos will activate one of his most dangerous abilities. A green shell will form around him, and he will convert all damage taken into health until he loses his shell. Be warned, the rate of healing scales with difficulty, meaning a Marskman's One Shot One Kill or full powered Commando can easily skyrocket Erebos health. Be wary of casting the skill Nano-Sear on Erebos because of this. Erebos deals 15 less damage during this time but gains 70% attack speed and 5% movement speed (in Recruit Mode at least).

Energy VortexEdit

Occasionally, Erebos will summon an Energy Vortex. These work much like the Black Holes created by Hades. 3 Parasites spawn at the location before a red and black vortex will appear and damage players over time if they do not move out of the vortex. Erebos deals 15 less damage during this time (in Recruit Mode at least). The casting range is 11.

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