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One Last Mission, One Final TaskEdit

The Apollo Security Team must escape Apollo, outrunning the devastating hordes, and the imminent explosion. Generally, a huge portion of the final horde still lives, and the team must hammer their way through before they can flee in earnest. Use every skill at your disposal to not only kill and thin the hordes, but simply to divert or stall their attack. The proper use of the Stinger is essential. Be very wary, Hephaestus will undoubtedly respawn, intent to kill every last one of you.

Run from Hephaestus, run in sheer terror. He is far too powerful to battle at this point, and time is of the essence. Make an absolute mad dash for the Easy Company starting location while keeping close to prevent Hephaestus from killing off lone players. A Dropship will be waiting. All the while huge explosions will rock the map, as the reactor begins to overload and melt down.

When you arrive, the Dropship will evacuate your team and just in time to witness Apollo destroyed and the last of the infested killed by a series of horrific explosions. The players are then sniped by Black Ops and the game ends.

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