Unit Portrait
Brainbug P
Unit Model
Brain Bug
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Fearsome Brain Bug
Maximum Health: Unknown
Minimum Health: 1250
Armor: 2(-1.8)
Damage: 25(+75)
Armor Reduction: 1
Attack Speed: 0.7
Range: Melee
Detection Radius:  ?
Movespeed: 2.5(+.88)
Type Classification


Other Information
Nickname(s): bbq, fbb, bb
Rarity: Rare
Unique Trait: Frenzied


Ability: Rampage
Charge on NM: Yes
Survival Difference: None

The Fearsome Brain Bug (formerly known as the Brain Bug Queen) is a particularly strong Brain Bug awakened by stepping on the hex near the center of the map in Normal/Hardened/Veteran mode and Nightmare mode. Said hex is blocked by debris that must first be cleared away. When triggered, an audio prompt of Diego Miguel will play. Shortly after, the Brain Bug will emerge in a random location near the hex. If the team is unprepared, it can quickly kill a light member of the team almost instantly. An Assasination Marksman can kill it with level 3 One Shot One Kill. The Field Support Engineer used to be able to mind control it via Field Nexus but this is no longer the case as the Fearsome Brain Bug is now immune to mind control.


The Fearsome Brain Bug is permanently frenzied making it much faster than a normal Brain Bug. The combination of high health, frenzy, and charge on Nightmare mode make the Fearsome Brain Bug extremely dangerous for any character without Reactive Armor.


The Fearsome Brain Bug, much like the standard Brain Bug, can assume a greater amount of control over nearby infested creatures, causing them to attack and move much more quickly. However, as the brain bug is limited in psionic ability. The creature's attacks are also much more clumsy, causing them to deal less damage. The creature also attacks without regard to personal safety, reducing armor. The effect is that rampage gives +100% attack speed and +50% movespeed, but also reduces damage dealt by 30%, and armor by 90%.


A Brain Bug is capable of sensing the nearby presence of alien creatures (such as marines), even if they are hidden from sight. This effectively gives them detection, making Brain Bugs extremely dangerous to anyone relying on cloak for protection (such as the mobility recon).