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In the panic and confusion of the outbreak he himself unleashed, Dr. Bergmann attempts to flee Apollo. Pursued by the Black Ops he attempts to hide on the map. The Security Team's scanners can pinpoint him, but it takes time. Bergmann will hide at any one of a number of locations around the map. Note that he will only hide at key locations, he never hides in the open, or in a random area.

The initial scan reveals all possible hiding places he could be at. Players can send out scouts to check the closer locations, or proceed there as a group. After a brief period of time the scanners will zero in on Bergmann's hiding place. Make sure to remember where it was, it will not be shown again. At least one player must proceed to the location and find Bergmann. He can sometimes be found in the most unusual places, including behind obstructions or on tall walls. He will however appear as a red or white dot on the Mini-Map, this can help in locating him.

After speaking with Bergmann, a Black Ops unit tries to assassinate him. If the players are quick to respond and kill the Black Op before he kills Bergmann, the Doctor will reward them with 3 bonus Experience.

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