Ogilvy is a civilian worker who has survived the initial infestation of Apollo. He has been holding out with his trusty shotgun and a crowbar he's scavenged. Ogilvy can be found by inspecting the three houses around the map. He will appear at one of them randomly, and can be found at any time. He may either be at the Easy Company start, northwest of the Airlocks, or northeast of the Armory. In Recruit Mode, he will always appear at the Easy Company start. However, in this mode, he does not wield a shotgun. Ogilvy will follow the player who finds him. He has a large health pool, some shields, and a very high regeneration rate. He will not require healing, and acts as an extra gun. Should Ogilvy survive the entire campaign the team receives additional experience.


Ivan Plushenko is the homosexual leader of a group of rebels on Apollo. Like his comrade Ogilvy he is found hiding in one of the three groups of houses scattered around the map. Ivan only wields an SMG, but shares the same large health pool and high regeneration of his double. Ivan is more commonly found on Higher Difficulties.

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