Unit Portrait
Unit Model
Ally Statistics
Unit Name: Firebat
Health: 250
Shields: 75, 5 Shield Armor
Armor: 5
Energy: 100
Damage: Base Damage 8
+5 vs Biological
+2 vs Light
-3 vs Armored
-5 vs Massive
Attack Speed: 1.15
Range: 4.65
Move Speed: 2.35
Type Classification
Biological: Yes
Light: No
Armored: No
Massive: No
Mechanical: No

Firebats are newly "recruited" convicts not yet ready for the full augmentation process needed to become a Flamethrower. Many are still hostile and unresponsive to mental "rehabilitation." As a result their Power Armor is inferior to their larger, more experienced brethren, and they are not allowed the full range of heat and energy based weaponry. Firebats come armed with the same deadly Flamethrower MK-3 that can be used by other marines.

Charlie CompanyEdit

Firebats are the shocktroopers of Charlie Company, they are deployed to absorb damage and protect the more important assets of the company. Generally they will do their best to hold back grunt zombies, but will quickly fall should larger threats emerge. Firebats will deal surprisingly effective damage against Eos the Zombie Queen, moreso than either Marines, or Marksmen. Any dead players will receive 1 firebat as part of the reinforcement waves. If said player has died and left, the survivors will be able to use it.

Security Team SurvivorsEdit

The Security team survivors that arrive to assist Alpha Company will include a single firebat. With one can switch weapons to either the UA GPR-12, or M45 Marksman Rifle to meet the current threat. Other firebats may arrive as part of later reinforcements.

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