Moderator's Statistics
Unit Rank: Master Chief
Status: M.I.A.
Health: 200
Shields: 100
Armor: 5
Movespeed: 2.5
Gungnir Spear: Melee
P-50 Pistol: Ranged
Type Classification

"Flint doesn't die, he just goes back to Hell to regroup"

Operational History

One of the original North American Veteran Marines, Flintlckwood was in on the ground floor. He saw hundreds of battles as NOTD worked its way from a broken husks, devoid of substance or purpose, to a near completed incarnation, akin to what we play today. He was instrumental in helping to shape the game, and a driving force behind the Credit Store. Sadly, Flint was struck down and separated from his unit. He has not been heard from since then.

Weapons of Choice

The personal armaments of Flint, these weapons are truly a sight to behold.


Flintlckwood's sacred Spear. Entrusted to him by Ability Himself. With it he can Smite any foe, overcome any obstacle, and slay any Daemon. In melee combat it strikes with blessed lightning so hot it can melt steel. Enemies wither and die in droves. Many mortals who gaze upon this blessed weapon are driven mad by the very sight, and only one who knows the true meaning of power can so much as hold this sacred artifact.

P-50 Gauss Pistol

A weapon of the Modern era. It is Flint's right arm in battle. Wherever he goes, this customized pistol follows. Custom Armor Piercing rounds and an extended magazine make it truly lethal in skilled hands. Flintlckwood pioneered many of the Pistol tactics still in use today. He was the first player to use it against Erebos, and with devastating effect. Many players take for granted the forgotten past of the humble Pistol, and the man who redefined it.

Current Status

Flintlckwood is registered as M.I.A. He is lost to us, possibly to never return.


Flintlckwood was among our brightest stars. A noble player of virtue, a leader, a friend. He will always be remembered. Even off the battlefield, he was among the grandest of the sacred moderators. He was firm, yet fair. He offered countless suggestions that have furthered NOTD in ways most new players can only begin to imagine. He will always be remembered, for we must Venerate the Fallen! We must remember their Names! Let them live on in the Halls of Glory!

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