this is the middle part of the fort, Famous for being the chosen spot to fight off black ops as it offers high ground and space to avoid the gunship fire

Bar none THE most popular camping location in Apollo. It comes with three auto turrets, rubble that blocks off one of the access routes on the ground level. Lots of switchbacks which lengthen the route for the enemy to get at you, various levels of elevation, and choke points that can be completely walled off with 2 Engineer Towers. There are two small steps on the Northern Arm and Eastern Arm that cliffwalkers can use to get up, but because there is only those two small spots, it's very predictable and easily countered. In Easy Company, this is one of the preferred spots to face down the Post Erebos Mark I waves, as well as being the preferred location for Long Range Dome camping, the Black Ops Massacre, and fighting Eos the Zombie Queen. Basically by the time Easy Company decides to come there to fight, some teams just never bother leaving. In Alpha Company, the first holdouts after triggering the Armory often happen here. Once you get the rest of Sheng's Boys, you fight here. After triggering Demeter, you fight here. Sadly there just isn't anything anywhere near the Fort after that, so you will eventually be forced to say goodbye to the stalwart walls that have served you so well. In Apollo, the Fort sees only one real use, and that is during the waves that occur after the Communications Tower is activated and the distress call blocked. With the enemy consisting mostly of Infested Marines, the high ground is very valuable. Like Alpha Company however, as soon as the Hold Out is over there is just nothing that happens anywhere near the Fort to really utilize it again. Most teams like to destroy the auto turrets before leaving so evil HAL dosen't use them.

(credits to Arc)

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