Giant Egg
Giant Egg
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Giant Egg
Maximum Health: Unknown
Minimum Health: 1500
Armor: 10
Type Classification

Rare and gigantic eggs that hatch into the beast known as Tartarus. They appear in all campaigns, but only hatch in Easy Company and the Apollo Security Team.

Easy CompanyEdit

One such egg can be found in the Airlock, which hatches and is fought as the first boss of Easy Company. Prior to this it cannot be interacted with in any meaningful way.

Zombie QueenEdit

In Normal and Nightmare modes the Zombie Queen may lay a Giant Egg some time during her battle. This is a lesser Tartarus and lacks many of its abilities. The egg itself is strong, but vulnerable, and can be killed before it hatches with liberal amounts of firepower.

Alpha CompanyEdit

The only Giant Egg seen in Alpha Co is the same one in the Airlock that Easy Company fights. The doors are shut and the egg cannot be interacted with.

Apollo Security TeamEdit

The Giant Eggs of a brood of Tartarus lay dormant within [Apollo]] until before the team heads off to fight Nazara. By that point they have matured enough to hatch and will attack the players.

Airlock EggEdit

The Giant Egg in the airlock, the same one fought by Easy Co, will slowly grow throughout the course of the Apollo Security Team Campaign. It begins very small but will be nearly full grown by the end of the campaign.

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