Unit Portrait
Hades P
Unit Model
Hades Form One
Enemy Statistics
Boss Name: Hades
Campaign: Apollo Security Team
Chapter: 3, Route B
Health: 80000 (Hades), 1500 (Spines)
Armor: 2 (Hades), 2 (Spines)
Damage: 35, 40 vs Armored (Spines)
Attack Speed: 1.85 (Spines)
Range: 15 (Spines)
Movespeed: Immobile
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): GOD
Ability 1: Spine Crawlers
Ability 2: Venomous Explosion
Ability 3: Enrage
Ability 4: Immolation
Ability 5: Warp Storm
Ability 6: Neural Overload
Ability 7: Blood Wheel


Hades first form is a massive structure composed of all manner of mutation. This writhing tower of flesh and organs is the progenitor to the entire Apollo Infestation. It is still not fully developed and as a result has no direct attacks. However, its hosts of powerful abilities and swarms of minions protect it with lethal ferocity. Extreme caution is advised. The team should be fully prepared before tackling the creature. It takes tremendous amounts of Ammunition to kill the beast.


Spine Crawlers

Spine Crawlers are the main physical enemy during the battle. Hades will continuously spawn these massive tentacle-like structures around himself. They can be killed by all conventional means, but have range greater than most weapons. The longer the battle drags on the harder it can become, as there is no limit to how many spine crawlers can cover the battlefield.

Venomous Explosion

Hades fires a blob of highly corrosive venom at a nearby player. The affected player then becomes a living bomb. In 5 seconds the target will detonate into a green blast of toxin that applies 200 Damage to all units, friend or foe, in a 4 Radius. This excludes the affected player. Watch your allies, and move away from the affected. If you yourself are the target, steer clear of your allies.


Hades will periodically become enraged. When he does, he and his spines will glow pulsating red. His Spine Crawlers have +200% attack speed during this period and must be killed or avoided at all costs. A timer at the top right of your screen will help you keep tabs on this ability.


When Hades is enraged, anything close to him is burned and scalded by his Psionic Fury. Stay at a safe distance, only hitting him with long range weapons such as the Stinger MK-3, Barrett M112, and XM814 Heavy Machine Gun.

Warp Storm

Hades will summon Black Holes across the battlefield that inflict 35 Damage per second to anyone who enters them. They are larger than their graphic appears, and should be avoided at all costs.

Hades Black Hole

One of Hades' Black Holes

Neural Overload

Any units under the Mind Control of an Engineer's Field Nexus are killed upon beginning this battle. However, this does not prevent you from gathering minions after the battle has begun. Note that this does not affect allies such as Ivan Plushenko, Marines, and Devastators.

Blood Wheel

Blood Wheel is a mysterious attack emitted from Hades. This attack functions similar to Cronus’s Laser Blossom. A radial attack resembling lines of blood on the ground emanates from Hades center, dealing 22 damage to players who are hit by them. Stay out its path if possible to avoid damage.

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