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Unit Portrait
Hadesformer P
Unit Model
Hades Form Two
Enemy Statistics
Boss Name: Hades
Campaign: Apollo Security Team
Chapter: 3, Route B
Base Health: 90000
Armor: 20
Damage: 90, 115 vs Light
+50% vs Massive
Armor Reduction: Unknown
Attack Speed: 1.5
Range: 8 Hades's Obliterator
11 Acid Missiles
Movespeed: 1.2
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): GOD 2.0
Trait 1: Corrosion
Ability 1: Venomous Explosion


Much larger and stronger than the First Form, Hades's second incarnation is fully developed and has emerged from its massive cocoon. It is now a bipedal killing machine adorned with numerous tentacles, bio-cannons, and a massively thick tritanium carapace.


Hades takes enormous amounts of firepower to kill, on the level that only weapons such as the Stinger, XM814 Heavy Machine Gun, Barrett M112, and AER138 Laser Rifle should even be considered. Note that Hades, like Infested Marines, can shoot down Stinger MK-3 missiles if unoccupied. Hammer Hades with skills, power weapons and Devastator Strike Cannons.

No character except for the Technician with March of the Machine active or a Devastator in Shell Mode should attempt to draw Hades fire. Reactive Armor and Kinetic Armor will mitigate the damage from Hades attack, but multiple successive hits will do more damage due to corrosion.

The Psi-Ops should use Inception liberally while the team focuses down Hades and kills the swarm of attacking infested. Hades will target down the Devastators first, so be sure to put them in Shell Mode if fired upon.

Spore Meteors will drop throughout the battle. These will not cause damage when they drop, but the creep they spread can quickly cover the battlefield. Be wary of Venomous Explosion and proximity to team members.

General Koller will deploy Laser Drill Drones to weaken Hades's carapace. These are generally little help but do give the team a small boost. If you are able to bring Hades down it is quite a feat, and you will be rewarded handsomely with Experience and Credits.

Traits and Abilities


Each hit from one of Hades’s Acid Missiles will cover its target with a corrosive acid. This acid will eat through armor and stack a corrosion debuff. Corrosion reduces the target’s armor by -1 for several seconds. This ability stacks up to 20 times.

Venomous Explosion

This ability functions identically to the First Form ability. Hades fires a blob of highly corrosive venom at a nearby player. The affected player then becomes a living bomb. In 5 seconds the target will detonate into a green blast of toxin that applies 200 Damage to all units, friend or foe, in a 4 Radius. This excludes the affected player. Watch your allies, and move away from the affected. If you yourself are the target, steer clear of your allies.

Screenshot2011-06-30 02 07 28

Venomous Explosion

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