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Item Name: High-Capacity Magazines
Bundle Size: 1
Maximum Stack: 1

High Capacity Magazines, or HCM, is a Marine Modification that greatly increases the size of each and every magazine that player uses. This Modification is excellent for classes that reload frequently, especially the Operations Commando, Combat Rifleman or Subtlety Marksman. Most DPS characters using high rate of fire weapons will appreciate the High Capacity Magazine, or a character using the unwieldy XM814 Heavy Machine Gun. The HCM is also a good item for the Combat Engineer utilizing the Combat spec, as he receives many damage bonuses for continued attacks against the same target. This mod is fairly rare, and will not spawn during Chapter 1 of Easy Company.

Worth noting is how the game calculates the High Capacity Magazine’s ammo increase. All classes aside from the Assault have a base magazine size of 30, and equipping the HCM will increase it by 30 to 60. The Assault has a magazine clip size of 40, and the High Capacity Magazine will increase this by 40, resulting in 80, 120, or 160, depending upon the level of Ammo Feed (0, 1, and 2, respectively). Any level of Ammo Feed does not affect High Capacity Magazine’s capacity increase as the Ammo Feed is also increasing the Assault’s base magazine size (by 100% and 200%, respectively) and not working off of the total ammo capacity achieved by having both Ammo Feed and High Capacity Magazine. The HCM does not stack with itself, so if another is found, it is best to pass it off to another player.

Doubles Default magazine size
Use an additional magazine per reload
Does not stack with itself
Does stack in combination with the Assault's Ammo Feed ability
Only adds 40 rounds to an Assault's Magazine size, regardless of Ammo Feed Level
Does not appear during Chapter 1 Easy Company

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