Hold Fire is a default ability found on the Command Card that increases the characters movespeed by 10% at the expense of being unable to attack. The Marine lowers his weapon from a fire ready stand, to a holstered stance. In doing so he no longer has to actively focus on target acquisition and maintaining a proper firing stance. He is free to move about the terrain and can devote more attention to maintaining proper footing and moving at a quick pace. While holding fire your marine will not actively target and fire upon enemies.

Leaving Hold Fire StanceEdit

Using the attack command, attack move, or any offensive skill will return your marine to Weapons Free. The Recon is the only class which can not use the attack command or attack move while in the Hold Fire stance. They must return to Weapons Free (Marine Action "X", then "G") before being able to attack again.

Skill UsesEdit

Holding fire is quite useful for a variety of reasons. It can be used to mitigate the slow speed of a character such as a Marksman or Assault. Characters with supportive roles such as Medics will occasionally hold fire to conserve ammo in times of scarcity, saving precious bullets for more powerful classes to use later. Alternatively, a class that is over-leveled may decide to hold fire during a large horde, allowing his allies to gain more kills and overall helping to more evenly distribute the experience.

Other InformationEdit

Hold Fire has no cooldown, can be instantly disabled by a number of commands, and does not require energy, unlike Sprint.

Hotkeyed to the Marine Actions (X), then the F button.
Increases speed by 10%.
Stacks with all movespeed buffs, and debuffs.

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