Ailment Information
Name: Infected
Effect 1: Unit dies and turn into a Zombie
Effect 2: None
Fatal: Yes
(based on time rather than Health)
Visual: None
Duration: 1-3 minutes
Max Stack: 1
Cure Skill: Anti-Venom
Cure Item: None

Infected is a unique ailment that is not like any of the other ailments in the game. When a unit is infected, they will die and turn into a regular Zombie within 1-3 minutes. There is no visual way to identify an infected unit from others other than the debuff icon.


Hades (Second Form)Edit

Hades' Tentacles have a 10% chance to cause Infection on biological units it attacks.


Medic's Anti-VenomEdit

An innate skill that every Medic will have, the Anti-Venom skill does have peculiar hotkey attached to it. It is found under Marine Actions, so the full hotkey is X then V. Many new players will not know this, and take a long time to figure out on their own. Either way, this skill has a short cooldown, low energy cost, and can be used many times if the Medic has a healthy supply of energy.

Chemical Expert's VRL-772Edit

Has a higher energy cost and longer cooldown than the Medic's Anti-Venom but still works nonetheless. Also has the added benefit of curing other ailments and giving an attack and movement speed bonus as well.

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