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The Inventory is the ever important storage system where players can keep and use the various items they find while playing. Each character has between 4 and 7 inventory slots. The number depends greatly on the weight and role of the class.

Inventory SlotsEdit

Each character has a number of inventory slots. There are exceptions, but all heavy classes have 6 slots, most light classes has 4, and medium classes vary greatly.


The Recon is unique in that it has 7 inventory slots, giving it the largest total amount. It also has a Reaper Mk-13 Drone it can create later that has 2 slots of its own. This is due to its role as the dedicated scouting class. The purpose of this larger inventory is to allow the Recon to find more items for his teammates, not to keep more items for himself.


A button on the right side of the inventory is listed as Equip and Drop. It is a toggled switch for the users' inventory. Which ever setting is currently highlighted is the inactivate setting. When Equip is highlighted white it is the active setting, just as when Drop is highlighted red it is the active setting.


Equip causes the player to use whatever item they click. If this item is a weapon, armor, or modification, it is sent to the correlating Equipment Slot. If another similar item was already equipped, it trades positions with in the inventory with the selected item. If the item was stackable, such as Medkits, or Magazines, then the player will only use one item in the stack per click.


When set to drop any item clicked from the inventory will be placed on the ground at the character's feet. This applies for all items. If the item is stackable, the entire bundle will be dropped. Players cannot drop a stack of items onto another stack to combine them.

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