Veteran's Statistics
Unit Rank: Giant Robot
Status: Retired
Health: 350
Shields: 70
Armor: 20
Movespeed: 2.2
Murderbar: Melee
Biffgun: Ranged
Type Classification

"Those are your foes! Lay waste!"

Operational History

One of the oldest members, and certainly one of the angriest, in the entire NOTD community; Kithrixx was a veteran from NOTD:Aftermath who moved on to StarCraft II. After a temporary leave of absence, he returned, ready to unleash his creative input on the world. He gave us a wealth of concept art as well as the Technician and Pathfinder. Although hostile, he was a no doubt skilled and talented player, but often assertive to the point it became off-putting. Kithrixx has since retired from active service, for a number of reasons.

Weapons of Choice

The Murderbar

Specializing as a tank, Kithrixx is no stranger to the Crowbar. He wielded it with such speed that it seemed like there were several Crowbars in his hands at once while fighting the undead horde. He once made the joke that because it seemed that there were many Crowbars in his hands, it would be more akin to a Murderbar because a Murder is a flock of Crows. Most didn't get the joke, but he continued calling it that anyways. Unsurprisingly, due to his constant use of the weapon, many of the Crowbar's major balance revisions are a direct result of his handiwork, such as its near instantaneous switch time.

The Biffgun

If there's one thing Kithrixx enjoyed, it's blasting enemies in the face. Nothing does this quite like his custom shotgun, the Biffgun. While fearsome in his hands as tank, it was truly a terrifying scene in his hands as an Arms Assault. Entire hordes stood still, frozen by his suppressing firepower as they are cut to ribbons and cast aside. No enemy or boss dared to stand against the might of this destructive creation of steel and fury, and few allies dared to deny it from its rightful owner.

Current Status

Kithrixx is Retired, he will not return, he is gone. Forever.


Kithrixx will be remembered for both the good, and the bad. While his creative input is undeniable, as are his talents as an artist; his raw fury remain his most defining characteristic. He was both straightforward and to the point, often the last person to dance around an issue. This frequently brought him to butt heads with staff and member alike. However, regardless of how he presented himself, his arguments always had their merits. The Technician and Pathfinder are a direct result of his input and experiences playing the Apollo Security Team Campaign, and designing classes to fill the holes left by the unfinished roster. Although his memory may be stained by his own aggression, I can still stand firm and call him a friend, and a venerable ally.

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