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NOTD L3 Grenade Launcher
In Game Appearance
Weapon Information
Weapon Name: L3 Grenade Launcher
Ammo Consumption: 5
Item Rarity: Rare
Weapon Statistics
Base Damage: 200
Armor Reduction: 5
Attack Speed: 0.5
Splash Radius: 2.75
Range: 13
Reload: 5 secs
Equip Time: 2.2 secs
Weapon Weight: 12
Targets: Ground Only
Damage Modifiers
Versus Biological: 0
Versus Light: 0
Versus Armored: 0
Versus Massive: 0
Versus Psionic: 0
Versus Heroic: 0
Versus Mechanical: 0
Versus Structure: 0
Other Information
Nickname(s): L3, nade launcher
Available in Recruit: No
Credit Cost: 325
Unique Trait: Manual Attack Only

"Demolition is my Mission! - Nick Nitro"

Launches high explosive grenades that detonates on impact.

The L3 Grenade Launcher is the newest weapon in NOTD. It has a rather unique firing mechanic in that it must always be manually aimed and fired. You can not simply right click on an enemy, nor will it auto fire. The grenade will launch then bounce at point of attack, with a total of 4 bounces. The grenades will bounce over any obstruction (walls, chasms, cliffs). It does do Friendly Fire damage (80 damage), so players must avoid being caught in the aoe of it. Also the grenades serve a secondary function, for if they fail to hit anything, they will embed themselves into the ground for a and becomes mines. After several seconds, if no enemy activates the mine, it will explode. The L3 is one of four possible items dropped when Seth is killed.


Any grenades that bounce the maximum number of times and do not contact an enemy will plant themselves as mines. These mines only last a brief duration, but crafty players can use them to set ambushes, or prepare for an incoming foe.

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