Unit Portrait
SCV SC2 Head2
Unit Model
Drill Drone
Ally Statistics
Unit Name: Laser Drill Drone
Health: 1000
Shields: 0
Armor: 15
Energy: 0
Damage: 0
Attack Speed: Unknown
Range: 2 (estimate)
Move Speed: 2.81
Type Classification
Biological: Yes
Light: Yes
Armored: No
Massive: No
Mechanical: Yes

Laser Drill Drones are allied units deployed by General Koller during the battle with Hades (Second Form).He will say "deploying Laser Drill Drones to weaken Hades's carapace, attack from the lasers' angle to do more damage." Laser Drill Drones resemble large Field Probes


Reduce ArmorEdit

Each hit by the Laser Drill Drone reduces Hades's carapace.

Screenshot2012-07-13 20 36 51

A Laser Drill Drone against Hades

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