Character Portrait
Lt Sheng
Character Model
In Game Information
Health: 190
Armor: 3
Move Speed: 2.38
Weapon: HK420 Assault Rifle
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Ethnicity: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Affiliation: Apollo Security Forces
Occupation: Security Team Captain
Relations & Family: Unknown

Lt. Sheng leads the Security Team Remnants that assist the members of Alpha Company. They regroup with Alpha at the Military Base shortly after their dropship lands. Sheng's squad contains half a dozen Marines and a Firebat. After being assaulted by waves of enemies Sheng informs Alpha Co that the rest of his squad, including their two Corpsmen have been holding out at the Armory and they need to link up with them. The team proceeds to the armory and the entire security team and Alpha co hold out there against waves of enemies. Afterwards Sheng informs Alpha of the Infestor his team captured. But after escaping and being recaptured, the infestor, Charlie, accidentally summons Demeter who ruthlessly attacks the marines.

After killing Demeter and moving to the Apollo Research Labs, Lt. Sheng and his men move men proceed into the Bio-Domes to check the underground corridors for survivors. After Alpha Company kills Cronus, Sheng and his men emerge from the underground, scarred by what they have seen. They then assist in helping to Protect Tanaka while the scientist finishes his research. Unfortunately all Members of the Security Team Remnants, including Lieutenant Sheng are presumed to have perished shortly after Tanaka betrays the marines at the start of the Noxious Gas Sequence.

Background InformationEdit

- Leader of Security Team Survivors
- Cares deeply about the well-being of the Apollo colonists and his men.
- Has a drug problem that nobody speaks of but most of his NCOs know about

Major EventsEdit

- Supports Alpha Company in Alpha storyline

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