Unit Portrait
Tank P
Unit Model
Ally Statistics
Unit Name: M1A8 Abrams
Health: 1000
Shields: 25
Armor: 12
Energy: 0
Damage: 60 (Tank mode)

200 (Siege mode)

Attack Speed: 2
Range: 15 (Tank mode)

35 (Siege mode)

Move Speed: 2.4
Type Classification
Biological: No
Light: No
Armored: Yes
Massive: Yes
Mechanical: Yes

The M1A8 Abrams Main Battle Tank (MBT) is the pinnacle of UGC armored technology. It sports twin 110mm Main Cannon with a 360° firing arc. The ones deployed on Apollo are loaded with specialized HEF (High-Explosive, Fragmentary) Rounds, designed for heavy splash and maximum effectiveness against crowds of lightly armored enemies.

A column of Abrams, five to be exact, will arrive as the last set of reinforcements provided by Charlie Company. They will inflict severe damage to whatever stands in their path, however they are vulnerable to being surrounded and swarmed.

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