The Class Proficiency system from Night of the Dead is being done away with, and NOTD2 will feature the brand new MOS System. MOS, or Military Occupation Specialty, is the term used to describe and outline various jobs and specializations within a military. Players can spend their Rank Experience to unlock new MOS ranks for their unlocked classes. Unlike CP, MOS is on an individual class level. There is no more sharing of bonuses between different classes (Such as Assault, Flamethrower, and Technician all sharing CP).

MOS RanksEdit

Each class can have up to three MOS ranks purchased for it. Bonuses are as follows:

  • 1 MOS: +5% Movespeed, +1 Sight Range
  • 2 MOS: +1 Level at game start
  • 3 MOS: +0.125 Energy Regeneration/Sec, +1 Detection Range

Purchasing MOS PointsEdit

The more MOS points a player buys, the more the cost of additional MOS ranks begins to cost. This provides a limiting factor, since the process must use Rank Experience as currency, rather than credits or wins. However, MOS Points will not passively degrade like CP do, so a player could theoretically buy every MOS Point for every class. But it would take an extraordinary amount of time. It is also important players will not lose their current rank is they fall below its threshold as a result of purchasing MOS Points. They will however need to earn back this lost exp if they wish to continue progressing through ranks.

Refunding MOS PointsEdit

Players will be able to refund their MOS Points at the Credit Store for a modest fee. This does not reimburse any spent Rank Experience, instead players are refunded the number of MOS Points they have purchased. These can then be redistributed freely as needed. This process can only be done at the end of a game, and there will be no option to reassign MOS Points at the beginning of a game.

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