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This article's existance is about something which has been completely removed over the course of development.

Edits to this article should only be spelling and grammar corrections.

Another event designed to test a team's ability to plan ahead and stick together. The mines will spawn several waves of huggers, a small infestor-like enemies that will grab a player and immobilize him/her. The huggers are only partially weak to Gauss Rifles. Flamethrowers are a much better weapon against huggers.

If proper measures aren't taken, a team could potentially become "Group Hugged" and be all incapacitated, spelling certain defeat. To prevent this, it is best to have a rifleman place sonic traps ahead of time. If sonic traps are not available, stuns are perfect for freeing an ensnared ally, if only temporarily, without needing to kill the hugger. It should be noted that NPCs such as the Mini-Marines, and Ogilvy cannot be hugged, and will slowly free a totally incapacitated team.

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