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This mission prepares new players for the Nydus Worms Mission during Normal difficulty. Several Nydus Worms will spawn around the Abandoned Mineshaft and begin spawning enemies including infested Marines. The worms will continue to spawn enemies until killed.

The Nydus Worms will spawn various enemies based on their remaining health. When at or near full health, the will spawn primarily zombies and Infested Marines. When roughly 75% health they will spawn Blindlings and some Stalkers. When at half health they will heavily begin to spawn stalkers. And when critically injured the worms will spawn Slashers. These pose threat often not anticipated by players new or old on such a low difficulty. Slashers have a lower target priority then most foes, and must quickly be dispatched manually.

The worms also produce a large circle of Creep centered upon themselves, which will greatly slow most players and greatly speed up zombies.

Nydus Worms are best taken out with high damage skills such as the Marksman's One Shot, One Kill or a Demolition's Satchel Charges to quickly destroy the worms before they begin to produce Slashers.

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