NOTD Boot Camp is essentially a tutorial of the main Night of the Dead map. It guides players through the game mechanics, ranging from simply moving to an objective to fighting bosses. It is designed to help ease the player into how Night of the Dead is played, as well as giving many tips on how to best deal with some situations. Lives can be lost in Boot Camp but you can never die. NOTD Boot Camp is currently in development and so there are things that may be changed in the future.

Available ClassesEdit


Missions in NOTD Boot Camp are simple yet intuitive. Unlike the Campaigns, there are no optional missions available in Boot Camp. All missions must be completed to be sucessful in Boot Camp. The list below shows the main missions that are to be completed. There are more missions but missions not included in this list are deemed too simple to be worthy of a page.

Proceed to the TowersEdit

1st Predator WaveEdit

2nd Predator WaveEdit

Danger Close Fire MissionsEdit

Ailment GuideEdit

Enter the Tactical ArenaEdit

Activate the Tactical ArenaEdit

Hell UnleashedEdit

Activate and fight IvaxEdit

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