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In Game Appearance
Item Information
Item Name: Nano-Health Augment
Rarity: Rare
Influences: Health
Bundle Size: 1
Maximum Stack: 2
Weight: 3

A Marine Modification that adds a module to the life support systems within the Marine's Power Armor. This addition is filled with Medical Nanites, this microscopic machines instantly and constantly go to work repairing damaged tissues and repairing organic matter. This process increases the Marine's health regeneration.

The Nano Health Augment is best used by tanking classes to offset the health drain of venom and open wounds. This will increase his survivability and somewhat lessen the Medic's job or the reliance on other Healing Items.

Currently, regeneration bonus for Endurance does stack with the Nano Health Augment. If you have Endurance maxed out, you can still equip the Nano Health Augment to boost your healing rate. Multiple Nano Health Augment also stacks.

Increases health regeneration by 0.3984
Does not appear during Easy Company Chapter 1
Stacks with Endurance regeneration bonus
Stacks with multiple Nano Health Augments (maximum 2)

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