The Navy Cross Medal, or "Navy" is earned by completing a campaign without using a single Medkit or Bandage. The most effective way to earn this medal is to enable Navy Cross Mode at the beginning of the game by typing -nc. Once enabled, ALL Medkits and Bandages will be removed from the map (including the Medic starting Bandages). Because it does not provide healing, the Antivenom item will not forfeit the medal, and will be present in Navy Cross Mode games.

The easiest way to earn this medal is to play with two Medics. Sticking together and kiting are the easiest tactics to earn this medal. Fewer hits results in less injuries, which in turn require less healing. The reason it is suggested to bring two Medics, is as a fail safe, in the event a medic is either completely drained, or worse, killed, in a time requiring extensive healing. This medal is notably easier on Easy Company, as the other campaigns have sections that either require the team to separate, or bosses too hectic for most medics to keep the entire team healthy. As always, rank 1 and 2 can be earned in Recruit and Normal, ranks 3 and onward must be earned in Nightmare.

1 Medal Point = Win a game with no one using a single Medkit or Bandage for the entire game
1 Medal Level = 10 Medal Points (Win 10 games with no one using a single Medkit or Bandage for the entire game)
The team must start with a minimum of 3 players.

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