NOTD Update - June 2011 (Month 10)
NOTD Version 1 Completion Stage: 90%

A 4th batch of new NOTD gameplay videos have been released on Recon and Medic. We will be working on additional class trailers at a later date because of the extensive changes in UI and base game that are currently being worked. We'd like our new trailers to showcase many of the new improvements.

NOTD is here to stay for the long-run. We will have major development in early 2012 to prepare for the launch of the next StarCraft 2 expansion - Heart of the Swarm. We will released NOTD Version 1 in end-June, and take a break from major development in the 2nd half of 2011. During this 'break', we'll still work on minor bug/balancing fixes and smaller content updates. When we return in early 2012, we will be going hardcore into development of NOTD Version 2 that will take advantage of many of the new features available in HotS: new zerg models, UI editor, improved map editor functionality, more voice/sound assets from HotS campaign, improved Battle.Net custom game support, deeper and integrated storyline.

XaVi and I have also shared NOTD with the Blizzard ASEAN community manager (Jaclyn Lo) in a face-to-face meeting and hope she'll help feature us on StarCraft Facebook or make us a Featured Map based on our merits. Please see the attachment below for the NOTD Press Release we've shared.

Key Work Completed

- Improved UI
- Improved Boss Fight mechanics
- Stronger storyline focus
- 2 additional class trailers

Priorities for June

- Improved models
- Storyline polishing
- Final balance tweaks

Vision For the Final Game

- NOTD Version 1 released in end-June 2011
- NOTD Version 2 released in Summer 2012
- Reference-quality SC2 map (measured via Featured Map/external awards)
- Top 20 map in all SC2 servers

Help Needed from Community

- Like Us on Facebook
- Share NOTD YouTube trailers with your friends and/or subscribe to the channel

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